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PLAN [16/01688/OUT] for 45no. houses and 'highway' access road across Beadnell Green in our part of the Northumberland Coast AONB. Within Northumberland Estates' Design and Access Statement (Amended) - logged on 11th July - it states on page 20 "consideration has been given to allowing access to the adjoining field", which points to even more future development.

Our best chance is for as many public 'objection' comments to be logged on the county council website as possible to show the County Councillors at the Planning Committee Meeting the depth and strength of feeling within our community.

127 public comment objectors and counting! (28/10/16)

133 (02/11/16)

142 (03/11/16)

146 (06/11/16)

162 (09/11/16)

168 (12/11/16)

179 (16/11/16)

185 (20/11/16)

190 (29/11/16)

195 (07/12/16)

198 (18/12/16)

206 (29/12/16) - 122 from local residents 

Step-by-step guide to submitting your comment online:

(Alternatively, comments can be sent in by post. See details at the bottom of the page.)

- Go to

- Click on 'Register' (far right tab at the top of next page)



- Enter title, first name, surname, email address (confirm email), password (confirm password) 

- Click 'Next'

You will be sent an email with a link. 

- Go to your email account and click on the link.

Back on the website:

- Type in your email address and password to complete registration


- Click on 'Comments'


- Go to 'Make a comment'

You will be asked to select 

- 'Objection'

- Status: 'Neighbour' or 'Member of public' etc. 

- Enter text in box 

(We suggest you write your statement in a Word document first and then copy it into the box. Otherwise, the website may time out before you are finished.)

If you wish to read other people's comments, click on 'Public Comments'. 

To read all relevant documentation logged, click on 'Documents'. 

If you'd prefer to submit your statement by post, please send a letter to the Case Officer:

Mr Neil Armstrong (Case Officer)

Planning Department

County Hall


NE61 2EF 

If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 


Andrew (Andy) Brown


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